Life and Intelligence


  1. Memory – The ability to preserve information (to store, organize, and utilize data relevant to it’s success and survival)
  2. Self Awareness to recognize and define objects
  3. Communication like language ability or social and conversational ability.
  4. Free Will – The ability of the Agent to generate, organize, choose, and obtain new and unique goal states.
  5. Working with Symbols or the ability to reduce symbols to concrete meaning and to organize these reductions into conceptual frameworks.
  6. Pattern recognition

Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence Benchmark

  1. Self Maintenance and avoid annihilation and rebuild and repair itself by drawing materials from the environment.
  2. Adaptivity: capable of adapting it’s behavior, processes, and components – to changes in it’s environment for survival
  3. Procreation: ability to create separate instances of itself and pass along its memories and successful adaptations and experience.
  4. Increased Complexity with more components, more complex relationships between these components, and more complex behavior exhibited by those components.
  5. Environmental Awareness – The Agent has the ability to sense, map, and navigate it’s environment.
  6. Fight or Flight – The ability of the Agent to detect possible dangers to it’s existence and to determine whether to attempt escape or self-defense.