Commonsense Tales (Logic)

Broken clock

Even broken clock shows correct time twice or once based on 12hrs or 24hrs settings.
If broken clocks are not removed, they will hide the working clock and you will never know the correct time.
Social media has far too many broken clocks.

Distorted Theories

One King was ill and he sent his representative to collect medicine from hermit who is away from city for 100 Rs. Representative conveyed to his assistant and to his assistant and so on. Finally last person, collector went and collected medicine.
Hermit gave him small container with one spoon of medicine. Hermit told the collector that medicine is rare and it will be ineffective if diluted. Collector, kept half spoon for his use and added water to make it one spoon. Every one in the chain did the same.
After changing hands 4 times, the medicine is 1/16th strong and King did not get cured. Hermit was punished and he discontinued his medicine.
Scientific method consists of certain steps such as Observation, Experiment, Measurement, and Modeling/Hypothesis. Ancient scientists and great men developed models and theories, which will be useful for future.
Many of the popular ancient texts was based upon the poet authors, who were not scientists or cosmologist. They were primarily writers and story tellers, who take information from SCIENTIFIC NOTES and distort/exagerate/modify to make it interesting. This story development process continues by their followers, to expand their business. Original scientific material is lost.
Some information from their writings and stories, does more damage than good.
  • Common sense is uncommon.
  • We act, but we do not think.
  • Majority tends to go wrong.
  • Popular ones are not the best ones.
  • Many administrators, control what he/she can control. Most of the cases, what is to be controlled is missed out. This applies to similar situations like collecting information etc..
  • If a doctor, does not get repeat patients, can be either a good or bad doctor. Patients are cured properly and do not return back OR patients have gone to a better doctor.

Social Media

Social Media is a very useful tool, if used with care. It can create problems also (Necessary evil).
Coming to social media messages, 95% are false and fake. 4% are irrrelevant. 1% are very good and helpful. But 99% prevents 1% useful messages.
(1) False and Untruths travel and mutiply, much faster than truth.
(2) Wrong messages are much much stronger than correct ones, and supported by every one.
(3) People tend to believe/appreciate false news and exagerated stories. That is how entertainment industry is very successful.
(4) Creating fear and circulating myths among people, help many to become rich and powerful. Calamity makes many people to acquire wealth. Rulers survive because of non-existing created enemy.
(5) Some warning messages are: "Crying wolf, when there is no wolf". When there is real wolf, no one will take warning seriously.


Belief is based on limited observation/experience by few or many without any cause-effect relationship. Variation in accuracy is an issue. Different interpretations for the same is another issue. Belief is much stronger than science or logic. Caution: Humans have tendancy to use science or logic to prove what one believes.

Give way for Right Person

One shop announced at 6am radio, that TVs in the shop will be sold at one fourth price, when shop opens at 8 am. First cum first served.
There was a huge crowd from 7am. At 8 am the shop is still closed and people were banging the door and police have to rush in to calm. One police staff could hear a feeble voice, "Please help me! Key is here and they are not letting me to go in to open". Guard who came at 7:30 am was not allowed in by the crowd and his jaw was damaged by unruly crowd. He could not even speak properly. If that cop has not noticed him, it would have been a big mess.
In local trains, passengers will not allow people to get down, but rush inside to push people who want to get out back into tthe train. How will they get place inside if people do not get down.
Common sense is uncommon. When there is fire, give way for fire engine. People blocking and surrounding area, worsen the situation. They are not helping, but damaging.

Internet is not free!!!

Internet Infrastructure is not free for all, BUT Paid by all through taxes. Middle class pay bulk of taxes, and get minimum benefits.
Social media firm use free infrastructure to attract users and generate traffic. Traffic is blocked by strong few. They sell data and advertise for money. Any product you buy, contains a percentage for them. More you use, more you pay for goods and services.
Worst case is, we pay for lies, rubbish and dangerous propaganda.
Dog chews dry bone, and enjoys his own blood from tongue.

Organization secret

There was a monastery or mutt in memory of unknown great saint xxx. One Student was serving the head and founder of the monastery. The student had to go to his home town and he borrowed his acharya's donkey.
After some time, acharya learnt about competing monastery few kilometres away. He went there and found his student as the founder of the monastery of saint yyy. Acharya enquired about the saint yyy. The student told him the saint is "acharya's donkey", which died while he was going home. He did not have money to buy a new donkey. He buried the dead donkey and created the monastery. Now he has become a famous acharya.
The student enquired about saint xxx. Acharya told him xxx is also a donkey, mother of yyy.

This tale was told by one of preachers in my young days. Dead saints (or great personalities) are more valuable than living saints.

To start an organization or monastery, what is required is business acumen and need for product/services. Others are all secondary and not very important.

Wasteful discussion and assignments

Once a King asked his minister to count number of crows in the capital. The minister told him next day, there are 26,324 crows. King was wondering how he counted so accurately. King told him that he will be punished if number is different from actual.
Minister replied, if his count is less, he will say some crows have flown away. If more, some crows have come from other place.
Most of the discussions and arguments going on TV and media or waste. None of the figures each one has , can not be vverified or checked. Person who is strong and can shout is correct.


There was a good book by popular author, how to lead a perfect daily life like: Getting early, exercise, early bath, prayer and so on. One of the readers was so impressed by the book, he wanted to go and see the author in another village. He went there, stayed in a hotel and after finishing his morning activities, he went to the authors house. It was locked and no response. After waiting for some time, he went to temple for prayer and went to riverside to sit down and meditate. He saw one person, just woken up, coming to river to wash himself. It was very late in the morning. He got angry and went ansd slapped him and asked him, "Are you not ashamed to live in the village, where a great author lives". The lazy person told him he is the author and showed him the disclaimer caluse, "It is good to lead a life as per guidelines in the book". The author does not say he does it and it has to be done.

All products come with disclimer calause, "Sellers/Manufacturers are not responsible for any problems and issues arising out of usinng the product". Even company employees may not use that product.

More than 50% of the money you pay for any goods and services, goes for advertising. Celebrities/entertainers advertise for products they do not use or even heard about it. For money they act or say some thing. Many times even the voice can be borrowed voice.

Successful products in the market may be worst product made. Best products are out of market, because consumers are foolish to go for show/glamour, rather than for quality

For one $ jam bottle you buy, cost of jam inside is one cent (1%).

Artificial poverty

Some would like to behave (act) like poor people. For politicians, they get support from masses, as they see leaders among one of them. There are good people really lead a simple life (which is their usual life). Example, in some countries, even President/Prime minister has to travel like any person. In my first visit to one such country, PM was among guests in a function and was chatting with him. I did not know, he was PM. One of our project sponsor, supporting few billion dollars trust for research, lives in simple 3 bedroom Tokyo apartment, after retirement as Company president at 55. He travels using public transport, alone with backpack and computer. He spent time in research, service and spirituality.

"India has to be rich to keep Gandhi poor". Sarojini Naidu, then president of the Indian National Congress, famously remarked about Gandhi that "it costs a lot of money to keep this man in poverty." Once when I was traveling by 2Tier AC from Madurai to Madras, local leader/politician joined in Trichy. He (friend of poor) travels by 2nd class and taking tea with his supporters. One carriage is required exclusively for his supporters. 6 trains have to be delayed for 3 hours, wasting time for thousands of working people. Though he travels by 2nd class, cost to India is may be a million for one night. Even a chartered luxury business aircrft will cost less than 10%. They are like actors/actresses acting like poor.

Monk (Sanyasi/religious head) life style may be 100 times costlier than any professional like you and me. Special uniform or Saffron dress for sanyasi is 10 time the price of our track pant and T shirt. If I had to go to travel, I may go by business class ticket and do work and visit temples also in a short time. I can just have bread toast and simple food. For the same, if a monk goes, lot of his servants have to go. He needs special food. Cook/porter/barber and etc have to go. There will be lot of show business. Real cost will be more than 100 times. But he is a poor monk, who has given up everything.

Solution for getting peace of mind, "Money is evil. Please give me all your money and You can have peace".

Missionnaries went to under developed countries like Africa. Natives lost their land and wealth, in turn got copies of scriptures for better next or after life.

Influence of Contacts

World population: 7.8 Billion (2020)
Assume we all have 200 contacts in average (1st level).
Each of our contact has 100 contacts not in our 1 st level list.
So, through our contacts, you have 200*100 new contacts.
Each level contacts are increased by 100 times
So total contacts = 200 + (200*100) + (200*100*100)
Level 1: 200
Level 2: 20,200
Level 3: 2,020,000
Level 4: 202,000,000
Level 5: 20,200,000,000 (more than 20 billion)
Level 6: 2,020,000,000,000
Level 7: 202,000,000,000,000

We all know, the whole world with in 5th level contacts.
This is the very very minimum case scenerio.
Including relatives and friends, we know more than 1000 people.
Level 1: 1,000
Level 2: 501,000
Level 3: 250,500,000
Level 4: 125,250,000,000 (more than 125 billion)
Practically we know the whole world in 4th level contacts, large percentage by 3rd level itself.

This is the concept used by all social media websites to generate advertising revenue.
If we have more contact data, they get more revenue.
Companies pay more than 25% of product cost for advertising.
So you pay social media web sites, 1$, for every 5$ drink or food you buy.
Politicians employ people with large contacts to spread favourable news.

Another Inference:
Do not worry about what others say in social media.
All fake and rumours are spread by people with more contacts to their large contacts. Billion/Trillion trash messages can be created with in a day.


Basic laws of logic:
1 The law of identity states that each thing is identical with itself.
Ex: a non-venomous snake is not poisonous
2 The law of non-contradiction: Contradictory propositions cannot both be true in the same sense at the same time.
if an animal is a cat, the same animal cannot be not a cat.
3 The law of excluded middle: For every proposition, either this proposition or its negation is true.
*Because of this focus on epistemic provability, the Law of Excluded Middle does not exist in Intuitionist logic.
*There need not be a black or white, but all shades of grey.
4 Principle of sufficient reason: Everything must have a reason or a cause. The principle was articulated and made prominent by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, with many antecedents, and was further used and developed by Arthur Schopenhauer and Sir William.

Leibniz’s Principle of Sufficient Reason
“No fact can hold or be real, and no proposition can be true, unless there is a sufficient reason why it is so and not otherwise.”

Leibniz (1646 – 1716) is the Principle of Sufficient Reason’s most famous proponent, but he is not the first to adopt it. Also prior to Leibniz, Parmenides, Archimedes, Abelard, Spinoza, and Anne Conway were all proponents of some form of the principle. Many very ancient oriendal (Indian) philosophers have used it in ancient texts such as upanishads.
Universal law: nothing happens without a cause, OR there is nothing without a reason.
Corollary: Starting point for the cause-event chain? Can there be one or more instances which is exception to this law?

Ex: Auto-immune disorders:
When the body senses danger from a virus or infection, the immune system kicks into gear and attacks it. This is called an immune response. Sometimes, healthy cells and tissues are caught up in this response, resulting in autoimmune disorders. They in general cannot be cured, because reason has not been found and proven. Some claim to have guessed the reasons which may be as high as 75% true.

Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles: if two distinct things share all of their properties, then they are actually one and the same thing. (teo identical objects?)

God’s creation: Since there is an infinity of possible universes in God’s ideas, and since only one of them can exist, there must be a sufficient reason for God’s choice, a reason which determines him towards one thing rather than another.”[Leibniz , Monadology]

Plato says in the Timaeus that it is impossible for anything to come to be without a cause. However he also believes that there are things that don’t “come to be,” and some of these things (e.g., the pre-existent disordered motion before mathematical order is imposed on it by the demiurge) have no cause or reason.

Descartes, even though he sometimes insists that “nothing comes from nothing,” he also claims that God “creates” metaphysical and mathematical truths.
Rene Descartes (1596–1650) was a French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, widely considered a seminal figure in the emergence of modern philosophy and science. Mathematics was central to his method of inquiry, and he connected the previously separate fields of geometry and algebra into analytic geometry.
I think; therefore I am. (Cogito ergo sum - famous line of Descartes)
Descartes recognizes at least three innate ideas: God - mind - body. In the letter to Elisabeth, he includes a fourth: the idea of the union (of mind and body).
Descartes argued the theory of innate knowledge and that all humans were born with knowledge through the higher power of God. What about all knowledge is acquired through experience? Humans while conception started with zero knowledge and aquired slowly.

Common sense and Logic

Common sense is good sense and sound judgement in practical matters. Can be based on assumptions (Thinking and feeling).
Critical thinking is the ability to think in an organized and rational manner, understanding the logical connection between ideas or facts. (Logical thinking is a process which should involve no facts based on emotion.)
Logic is used to reach a conclusion in current situation. Logic will be a means of proving/disproving common sense.
Common sense and critical thinking are two qualities that help us in problem-solving.