Meaning of existence

Creator has not sent to the earth with any orders to do any specific work.
But, We are given intelligence and freedom to find the purpose. So, let us find our purpose and live for that purpose.
So far, all philosophical and scientific speculation throughout history, are ill-equipped to tackle this issue.
The true meaning of existence does not exist.

Meaning of existence - Optimistic View

  1. We are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. We are all unique, and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe. Without each of us, the puzzle is incomplete.
  2. We are all merely players or performers in a large play the world's stage. The stage is a great place for learning. Act well your part and exit gracefully.
  3. Grow, learn from nature or surroundings and make your living meaningful (or colourful).
  4. We are not bodies, but souls or atma or whatever you call it. We have been sent with a body to experience living (real life experience).
  5. Many do not ever ask the question. Ignorance is bliss. Often, even for those who ask, there is no specific answer. Every one will try to answer, from their understanding.

Alternate Agnostic view

  1. It can also be: Our life, may be nothing but a random event.
  2. What is the meaning of life? It only makes sense if we believe that life was created for a reason. If we just happen to be here, then life cannot have any meaning.
  3. Humanity has developed, in his quest to find a purpose in life has invented supernatural beings or other mystical forces. Developed prayers, rituals, sacrifices or similar devotions, mythology and religion. Unfortunately, this has led to superstitions, exploitation and cheating others

Probable Solution

  1. Both views (Optimistic and Agnostic) can be true. Both sides can argue their view point well. Victory depends on who can argue or talk well. Accept whatever theory suits you.
  2. What are we? Why we are created? Where do we come from and where we are heading to? Scientific disciplines such as Neuro science, Evolutionary biology, Paleontology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, may find out some thing. Let us wait and see.
  3. We are all here each to fulfill some mission, some part in the supreme design.
  4. Each one of us is really part of the big picture and fit in neatly into large interconnected plan. Everything in the universe is intrinsically linked to each other. We can observe no one is alone, but connected to other. Action of one affects other.
  5. Our purpose in life is to experience.
  6. Purpose is to fight the unknown, which is more challenging, and it will give enough strength to face the known ones! Unknown fears are more challenging to encounter!
  7. Aim in life is to be Happy; words like pleasant feeling, Joy, Bliss etc. are used to define happiness. We can easily understand from our individual view point. Happiness and sadness can co exist and that makes life interesting.
  8. Do good to every one. Even if you can not do any good, do not harm anyone.
  9. Let us make the best of our life and leave a good pleasant impression behind. Live in harmony with nature (with out damaging the environment), so that future generations can thrive.
  10. Since we are living, let us live well, may be a good and an easy answer.

Who am I? Question does not have any definite answer

  1. We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, we are our inner most self (singularity).
  2. Everything, including us gravitate towards singularity or absolutely nothing, as there is no gravity in singularity. Time does not exist beyond singularity.
  3. We are nothing but the result of our imagination.
  4. I am the sum total of my thoughts