Tips for Living (well)

LIfe is easy or as hard as you think it is. Get rid of fear. Avoid unrealistic expectations, leading to stressful life. Always be honest (Be True to yourself).

Basic 6 facts of Living

  1. Money/wealth/possessions is not everything. {Have less and enjoy more} is better than {Have more and enjoy less of it}
  2. The only opinion that matters is yours.
  3. No one can tell you exactly how to live your life. It is your job.
  4. Time is valuable. Life is too short to not believe in yourself.
  5. Happiness cannot be bought or earned; it is the state of mind. One can get joy out of other people’s happiness. Giving happiness gets you happiness.
  6. Life is complex and incredible. Forget the past, Live in present and do not worry about future.

12 Simple things any one can follow

  1. Health is wealth. Drink more water. Eat regularly, and Eat what suits you. Eat what you can digest. Sleep well. Eat well.
  2. Stretch regularly. Take a walk and avoid transport for short distances. Take the stairs. Do some physical work. Exercise your eyes.
  3. Control your temper. YOU are responsible for your emotions. Lower your stress.
  4. Find the right job for YOU (suiting your personality, skills and knowledge). Set achievable yet inspirational goals. Know and keep within your limits. Set measurable milestones. Plan and prioritize. Take action immediately after setting a goal. Make a sincere effort and commitment.
  5. One can not succeed in everything. When some report success, we do not know how many times they have failed. Rejection is an illusion. Think of rejections as stepping stones. Failure is failing to act.
  6. Begin each day with expectation. Daydream. Have faith in God or Creator or Nature, which will take care of all problems. There is some thing more powerful than us to solve our problems. We just have to do our part or our best, and leave the rest to almighty.
  7. Relax and take rest breaks or power naps. Lack of sleep is disastrous to your health. Breathe more deeply. Celebrate more frequently.
  8. Make life or every thing simple. Do not clutter with too many things or activities. Quality is more important than quantity.
  9. Don't take anything seriously, as everything will change. The nature of the physical universe is change. Nothing remains the same; everything is, transitory. Whether you're celebrating or mourning or something in between, this, too, will pass.
  10. Assume people have good intentions and most of the people are good. Avoid neagtive attitude or using negative words. Don't malice or gossip. Try to be fair and do not take sides. Don't try to win every argument. Try to appreciate other views. Develop a scientific temperament, meaning calling a rock a rock.
  11. Every one is unique. Don't worry what others think about you. Stop comparing yourself to others. Unfortunately, we are compared and competed constantly. If we stick to same job, we are tagged to be complacent. If we don’t get big opportunities, we are incompetent. Unnecessary rat race. Compete with yourself and be agile, flexible and mobile.
  12. Make peace with your past. Monitor your progress. Throw out things that aren't useful or beautiful. Look towards bright future.