Global Citizen

We don’t have much time to live on this planet. So, let us be more broad minded. This is our planet (yours just as it is mine). Let us make it better for everyone by innovating, by contributing to progress in medical science, in technology, in food security, by producing a piece of music, art, of literature.

Global Outlook

People are people, no matter of their nationalities or race or religion. There are good/bad people every where. Every one is just trying to survive. Countries and Borders are man-made. Peace comes with Give/Take attitude. Be strong to make peace, not war. Why do we always think about a small geopolitical space (my country or tribe”) as opposed to people at large?

This is mine and that is yours is a small and narrow way of looking at the world. Every country or race or tribe, have been once at peace or war with other tribe. There has been no permanent friend or enemy in history. When situation changes, relationship also change. Yesterday's enemy is today's friend and vice versa. For those with Global Outlook, the world itself is a family. The human race is one.

Who is Good citizen?

You don’t owe anything to the world! Someone else decided to give you birth. You did not land on this planet on your own. Society helps you in many ways through your life, by giving you education, health care, security, infrastructure etc. For that pay you should pay taxes and do your part to keep system running. That is your duty!

Position yourself at a place where you can make the most impact and enjoy your own life regardless of where it is. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to live in peace, at any place, so long as you don’t unduly burden anyone else.

Nothing should be free. You have to earn it.

Model nation-state is one that strives to be an agent for all that is good, that spends the contributions of its citizens towards making every one's lives better. Not following the policy, "Rob Paul to Pay Better"

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Now working part time on country/technology research projects and Maintaining community Web sites.
Spending more time to pursue his interests on studying: ancient scriptures; maths & astronomy; physics; philosophy; history & culture and so on.