Science and Belief


Science is simply the study of how everything works. It is about understanding nature, to make use of it.

Science is more interested in things that can be observed and measured, and whose behaviours and attributes can be empirically demonstrated with repeatable consistency.

When a phenomena is explained by science, it has to be shown to be consistent with this body of knowledge. Science has been effective way, for finding the truth about the World. The truth is whatever is most consistent with reality.

The purpose of science is to seek truth. Scientists are constantly checking to see if observations or measurements are in agreement with their theories. When a theory is shown to predict something other than what a valid measurement has revealed, scientists will rethink and rework their theory and change it.


Belief is knowledge based on limited observation/experience, by few or many without any cause-effect relationship.

Variation in accuracy is an issue. Different interpretations for the same is another issue. It may not be repeatable.

Belief systems were developed by the ancients as a means to explain what the science at the time could not explain.

Popular example is Belief in GOD or Superpower, who create and control everything. Most of them are based on Individual testimonies of experiences.

Common belief is Numbers, chants, music etc create vibrations which affect us.

Many beliefs have been imparted to, by parent's religion. Belief comes mostly by habit. There are three means of believing: By Inspiration, by Reason and by Habit.

Science vs Belief

Belief is much stronger than science or logic.
Both are complementary
If anything can be tested or analyzed by scientific methods, there is no need to believe.
Caution: Humans have tendancy to use science or logic to prove what one believes.


GOD or Gods are SUPERNATURAL, outside the natural world. May be extrapolation of natural world. Science is constrained to the domain of the physical universe and the concept of a higher power lies entirely outside that domain.

GOD may be singular or plural.

There are many observable phenomenon we can’t explain, but some call them as evidence of God. No concept that we call existence or time or space or number or matter or energy, can be applied to God.

GOD or Gods exist in another realm, far from experimentation and evidence. There science is powerless.

Gods exist, as concepts, Illuminating stories, instructive, historical and warning stories.

The existence of a higher power is based on faith.
There is no need for evidence if you are a believer
There is no need for looking for scientific proof. 
No one can prove whether believers or Non-believers are right/wrong.
This can be just discussed or views exchanged.


Humans have made scriptures, rituals and doctrines as divine creation. This forms the basis of religion. Scriptures document Scientific facts (as on the date of writing) and beliefs.

Religion is a political entity or a social-cultural system

Unlike Science, many religious groups closes the doors for any sort of discussion, claiming divine authority. There, Science gets into conflict with religions.

Science does not consider anything as ultimate truth. In science what is accepted theory today, may not be accepted tomorrow, whereas religions have fixed set of believes.

Ex: A great scientist Berzelius coined the word organic to define that only living organism could synthesize complex Carbon compounds. His disciple Wohler however, proved him wrong by synthesizing urea and Oxalic acid in the lab.

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