Asia OSS Training Program, July 23th to 25th 2007, Vietnam


Open Lap room

The Department of Posts and Telematics of Ho Chi Minh City (DPT-HCM),

59 Ly Tu Trong Str., District 1,

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Course Content

  1. Introduction to CICC Activities
  2. AOSS Training Program: Asia OSS Infrastructure Development
  3. Overview of FOSS (including Licensing and Copyrights issues)
  4. LINUX Desktop
  5. Multimedia
  6. Open Protocols and standards
  7. System administration and Networking
  8. OSS Applications: LAMP concepts, Apache, PHP & MySQL
  9. Lecture and demonstrations on Embedded LINUX
  10. Turbo LINUX demo
For more information, Please contact nara{at}asia-oss

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