FOSS I18N & L10N


FOSS Internationalization and Localization



This training material is not complete. It requires a lot of more time and effort to complete.


IDevice Icon Objectives
  • To introduce the internationalization & localization process to the participants so that they can use Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) in their local language

  • To enable the participants to internationalize and localize various FOSS into their own language

IDevice Icon Prerequisites (Including target participants):
  • Should have basic IT experience . Basic knowledge of internationalization and localization is an added asset.

IDevice Icon Training Outcomes (and benefits):

After the training the participants can:

  • Gain knowledge of internationalization and localization of FOSS

  • Implement the advanced knowledge of FOSS internationalization and localization gained from the hands-on sessions

IDevice Icon Lab Requirments:
  • Internationalization and Localization tools to be used for training
    (intltool, World Wide Navi, Kbabel, Gtanslator, The translate toolkit, ... [TBD])

  • Linux PCs with network connection