Basic Linux System Administration

Welcome to the Basic Linux System Administration course

Target Audience: Beginners

Duration: one day with hand-on

Course Description

This course is designed to teach students the basic skills they need to administer the Linux operating system. The students should have familiar with the knowledge of the use of basic computer, hardware and software installation. The course coveinstall and uninstall Linux, usage of Linux basic commands, intricacies of Boot Loader (GRUB), managing user accounts, automate task (cron job), RPM and patch management, basic network configuration, and managing of services. Lab exercise and quiz have been given at the end of each topic.


Course contents:

  1. Install and uninstall Linux operating system
  2. Basic commands
  3. Intricacies of Boot Loader (GRUB)
  4. Managing User Accounts
  5. Automated Task (Cron job)
  6. RPM and Patch management
  7. Basic Network Configuration
  8. Managing of Services