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Asian Open Source Science Technology resource is initiated based on the feed back from users of this web site.
This is an exploration environment for concepts in Science, applicable to all walks of life, which is not covered by academic institutions.

Selected presentation and writings
  1. Learner - Who is Guru or Teacher?
  2. Skill Intelligence ...Career
  3. zero to infinity
  4. Magic Squares
  5. Half life - change is inevitable
  6. Everything is a dots game of connecting dots
  7. Two sides of coin
  8. Theorey of Unknown
  9. Theory of everything
  10. Meaning of existence - Purpose in life is to find its purpose
  11. Minimalists: Making everything simple and enjoyable


Data Base on R&D Internationalization in the Industrial sector among APEC member Economies, was endorsed at the 17th APEC/IST-WG meeting in August 99. A database for R&D Internationalization among APEC economies was developed and has been existence from 2000 to 2010.
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Selected presentation and writings
Note: Content is based on personal research and views of the author, do not represent any company, organization or institution..
  1. What is Freedom?
  2. Ethics and Technology Development
  3. Political Economic Geography History
  4. Compassion is God - World Day of Social Justice
  5. Mother Nature
  6. Vegetarianism

    Country Reports
  7. New Zealand
  8. Singapore
  9. India
  10. Product and Service Safety Schemes of New Zealand
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Course material Workshop Presentation material Asia IT Score Board
Asia Open Source Software Technology Program has been initiated by the CICC Singapore office with the aim of creating a large number of OSS professionals to teach/spread/support OSS in South and South-east Asia. Through the workshop, developers and trainers test and improve resources required for training and promoting OSS in each country. During this program importance of voluntary contribution and need for sustainable OSS training and promotional program in each country is stressed.
This Program (2005 to 2010) was initiated and supported by
The Center for International Cooperation for Computerization.
Asia OSS Technology Program (alumni)
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The author NARA (Venkataraman Narayanan) is a Consultant by profession and an Engineer by qualification.
Nara is holding an Engineering Masters degree and experienced in conducting technology assessment studies, market research and competitive analysis.
Currently Nara is a senior technical and strategic advisor for many leading organizations
Like to research on Science and Technology concepts from different countries of the World.