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Asia OSS Technology Program

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Asia Open Source Software Technology Program (2005 - 2010) was initiated and supported by The Center for International Cooperation for Computerization, (CICC) Singapore office. The aim was to popularize Open Source Philosophy and create number of OSS professionals to teach/spread/support OSS in South and South-east Asia.

Developed course materials and other documents are still available for public use.

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Administrator: NARA is a Consultant by profession and an Engineer by qualification. Nara holds an Engineering Masters degree and have worked 25 years for leading organizations.
Now working part time on country/technology research projects and Maintaining community Web sites.
Spending more time to pursue his interests on studying: ancient scriptures; maths & astronomy; physics; philosophy; history & culture and so on.

Selected Presentation and Writings by NARA

Note: Content is based on personal research and views of the author and does not represent any company, organization or institution.
  1. Learner - Who is a Guru or Teacher?
  2. Skill Intelligence ...Career
  3. Zero to Infinity
  4. Tips for S/W Professionals
  5. Universal Laws
  6. Intelligence and AI
  7. Half life: change is inevitable
  8. A game of connecting dots
  9. Two sides of the coin
  10. Theory of Unknown
  11. Magic Squares
  12. Srichakra
  13. Common sense is uncommon
  14. Theory of everything
  15. Life and Death
  16. Meaning of existence
  17. Tips for Living (well)
  18. Minimalism
  19. What is Freedom?
  20. Ethics and Technology Development
  21. Political Economic Geography History
  22. Compassion is God - World Day of Social Justice
  23. Care and Benefit from Nature
  24. Vegetarianism
  25. Global Citizen
  26. Research should be Global
    Country Specific Reports
  27. New Zealand
  28. Singapore
  29. India
  30. Product and Service Safety Schemes of New Zealand